Consumer Research

Research is another key element in determining the success of your product. Specifically, Consumer Research. Knowing your market and what your customers are actually looking for in a product will give you the upper hand in the market. We do step-by-step thorough qualitative research through interviews, product analytics, and competitor and market research to learn what will best appeal to your target customer, giving your product the upper hand in today’s market.

Interviews - Qualitative Research

If you’re going to build a product that people will love, you need to figure out what those people really want. The best way to do this is by talking directly to your customers. Simple, right? Not so much. The challenge is asking the right questions and to avoid being biased. This is where we come in. We’ve run dozens of interviews and know how to prepare, structure, conduct, and post-process them. Reach out to us so we maximize your learning experience.

Product Analytics - Quantitative Research

When you put your product in front of your intended users, you get the most valuable feedback. In most cases, that feedback can be elicited through interviews. But when there are thousands of users, properly set up real-time analytics will give you a data-driven approach to knowing how customers actually use your product and if they’re maximizing its use and features. Schedule a free consultation to discuss setting up an analytics system and product audit log to keep your eyes on your customers 24/7.

Competitors & Market Research

We help you find answers to important questions that you may not have even thought about yet. Who are you competing against? What is your competitive advantage? How big is the market? Is there somebody else who tried a similar business model or product idea and failed? Our competitive research will help you get the best idea of what’s currently happening in the market and can make see possible trends that you may have otherwise missed. And knowing what your competitors are offering is always a huge plus.