Product Strategy

Three of the major keys to the success of your product release is knowing which core features to use in the initial launch, how to launch, and the best time to do so. This strategy is a complex matter that involves a lot of research and consideration. We’re a team of professionals who can help you with finding answers to these questions by developing the right business model, product positioning, value proposition, and putting together a roadmap for achieving the best results.

Strategy and business modelling

Mapping, designing, and inventing new business models is a challenging task. We help you design your Business Model Canvas and define your business strategy by analyzing your customer segments, defining the value propositions of your products, finding the right channels to reach potential customers, discussing revenue streams, finding key resources, and building a cost structure of your business model.
Schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas and get started on your own live Business Model Canvas!

Product Positioning

You want to be there when customers need help the most. So determining the right product positioning will help you get the right message in front of the right people. We use a JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) framework to find customer’s needs, fears, and circumstances on how they make their “hiring” decisions. We include alternate solutions and competitors in our analysis, which allow us to position the product in terms of cost and value. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your product positioning strategy.

Value Proposition Design

A product needs to be considered useful for it to have value. How much impact will your product have? By leveraging the Value Proposition Canvas we help you specify the two key components of your product’s value proposition:
Customer Profile describes a specific customer segment and Value Map describes the features.
By matching these two components, we design the right value proposition for your project. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas and make customers fall in love with your product!

Product Roadmapping

Planning your product launch is one of the most important aspects of your new endeavor. Questions like “What steps should I take? What order should I do them in to best achieve my goals? Where should the focus of my team and resources be?” make the process seem daunting. Fear not! We’ll walk you through the planning exercise and put research, development, and marketing activities in the right sequence with clear milestones and deliverables. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your product plans.