Who we are

Productera was made with love by Alex Khomyakov in 2018 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Alex has put together an outstanding global team that must not only be experts in their fields but also have the same passion and drive that he does for helping people take their product ideas from design to successful product launch.

As JTBD Evangelists, there’s no guesswork.
We research and investigate the reasons customers buy the things they do and use that in our strategy toward success.

Our values

Productera is committed to providing a diverse global team with an outstanding focus on Product Development, Technology, and Customer Experience. We lead by providing a solid customer service based environment to all budding and established entrepreneurs looking to advance their products and ideas and see them through to success. We’re a community based on our commitment to excellence with our shared passion for helping people succeed without compromise on quality or user experience.

Our mission

Our mission at Productera is to breathe life into your ideas and grow them beyond your expectations.

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